Settings Storage Mod.

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Settings Storage Mod.

Post by puntloos » 05 Dec 2007, 01:16

Hi there (first post).

Turns out, systemrescuecd seemed to be the closest thing to what I wanted myself so I chose to use it. One thing I missed though was backup/restore of personal settings. (yes, I like a rescue cd, but I also like to use it for some vnc/ssh/rdp).

For this reason I figured I could either nag you guys or build something mildly bad.

Unpack this to your USB stick (or, if you wish, cdrom, although backup wont work, duh).

* the autorun0 unpacks the tar.bz2 to /
* the changed syslinux.cfg kills the annoying autorun pause
* the unpacked tar mods the zsh default so it includes /root/bin in the path
* the unpacked tar contains a backup of /root (including some binary files)
* bin/backupsettings cleans /root (kills mozilla cache), mounts the 'cdrom' (usb key I hope) rw and creates a new LinuxSettings.tar.bz2
* bin/rdpstart and vncstart are mine, I created them so to easily create a ssh link, and a tunneled vnc/rdp connection to my home server.
* bin/remotehost.txt contains the server host.

That's about it I guess, it works for me. Since I like some control I didn't implement autosaving (before shutdown) but it sounds like a good option to backup to the dir it found the autorun file in..

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