0.3.6 initrd cleanup suggested

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0.3.6 initrd cleanup suggested

Post by cdsteinkuehler » 19 Jun 2007, 16:25

I'm working on getting 0.3.6 to PXE boot off the network and have run into something odd.

In the initial ramdisk cpio archive, there appear to be two different /lib/keymaps/ sections (gunzip - <rescuecd.igz | cpio -vt | less). This isn't so weird by itself, but there are a few issues that make it weirder:

1) There are several files that exist twice...once in the first section and once in the second section. While this won't cause any serious errors, it makes the rescuecd.igz file unnecessarily larger.

2) The second section of /lib/keymaps/ includes subversion directories, which probably shouldn't be there, and are also wasting space. ie:

In addition, I have found the code for mounting the sysrcd.dat file via NFS is broken. In the findnfsmount() procedure in /etc/initrd.scripts, the busybox udhcpc command barfs on the -R rootpath switch. I suspect this switch is no longer necessary, as it looks like the /bin/udchpc.scripts file is creating the /rootpath file if required and manually running udhcpc from the command line w/o the -R switch works fine.

I'm working on modifying the initrd so I can get PXE/nfs working (which is why I noticed the cpio archive oddities), and will report back on what change(s) are required once I get things running smoothly.

Charles Steinkuehler

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