Custom initial menu and rescue cd

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Custom initial menu and rescue cd

Postby ogomez » 12 Jul 2006, 15:35

I didn't search throughly, but I'm managing a way to have custom menu in tty1, leaving untouched the rest of ttys. I think that modifying /etc/inittab so that instead of /usr/sbin/welcome is executed, run a /usr/sbin/menu script that calls /mnt/cdrom/isoroot/menu or whatever, allowing to have a custom menu at startup without having to rebuild the .dat file with every modification, and that isn't broken with every new release.

What I've done is a kind of autorescue cd, that you can, by just menu options, save images generated by partimage to a hard disk, recreate the bootable iso and burn it. Of course, there are also options to restore the images in their source location. This still needs more improvements I'm working in, but I've managed with these options to replace those DOS disks running propietary ghost (and incompatible between versions)

I have done so and I have the expected results, and I'd like more people to benefit from this, but I think a step in this direction is necessary. What do you think?

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