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Autorun Howto

Postby Lumberjack » 29 Oct 2003, 12:44

Hi all
I have problems to understand the Process of Autorun.

I need a "Dummy-Howto" for getting a script of my own involved in the startup-procedure. I have :

- The downloaded Image burned and running.
- A script-file in mode 755.

The generation of a new iso-image is working, too.

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Postby admin » 29 Oct 2003, 13:14


You just have to copy your script in the root of the CDRom, oustide of the sysrcd.dat compressed loop file. In other words, copy this script in "isoroot" before doing "sysresccd-custom isogen". Many other locations are possible for autorun scripts, but this is the default one.

I will try to improve the manual in order to make autorun easier to use and understand.


Postby Guest » 29 Oct 2003, 14:09

Sorry, but I want to find it out (I have to admit, I'm quite new to linux (and GENTOO))

I moved my script to isoroot before running isogen. The script itself is executable, but after burning the whole stuff, nothing happens.

The script is named: autorun

and looks like this (nothing special):

mkdir /mnt/common
mount -t nfs -o nolock /mnt/common
cd /mnt/common

running the script manually, it's working just fine, but not automatically after booting the cd-rom

Has the script to be in a certain form or something?

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Postby Lumberjack » 29 Oct 2003, 16:17

Well, much ado about nothing... ;-)

I downloaded the latest Version and everything was just fine...

(But I will compare those two versions to learn about the differences and Gentoo)

Anyway, Thanks a lot for your help

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