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Root Disk Image

Post by base0 » 22 Oct 2014, 21:42

The instruction for SystemRescueCd states that it can be customized. One of the ways I was considering using it along such lines is in connection with the Linux hypervisor "lguest". Specifically, as the lguest program requires that we "create or find a root disk image", which in this case would be one of Gentoo, I would like to inquire as to how I can go about creating one from the SystemRescueCD. Lguest prefers that a so-called guest system be like that of the host, and this works well for my case because I use Gentoo primarily. So, how exactly would I go about creating, or extracting as the case may be, a "root disk image" from the ISO of sysresccd? Thanks.

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Re: Root Disk Image

Post by gernot » 23 Oct 2014, 08:11

The SysrescCD rootimage is in the file sysrcd.dat.
It is a mountable squashfs filesystem image.
In a running sysresccd system it is direct accessible at /linvemnt/squashfs


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