VERY strange events working with system rescue CD

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VERY strange events working with system rescue CD

Post by sl500 » 11 Nov 2010, 10:35

Hello everybody,

I need to share here the very bizzare events that took place last night on my laptop,
which is a Lenovo Thinkpad SL500.
Please apologize for a double post, but have put this in hard-disk partitioning, as
this is the reason why I needed to use system rescue CD and in Other, because herewith
I'm asking if hopefully somebody could explain the mystery...

A couple of days ago, I've installed Windows 7 64 bit. As it takes huge amount on the
hard drive, I knew that I have to shrink my Data partition and add more space to the
Windows 7 system partition...
I decided to do it yesterday evening and I've booted from the system rescue CD (burned
on a CD-RW). I waited till I got the prompt.
I've immediately noticed, that the fan of my laptop started to blow very strong and
was making a noise, which never has been that loud. (SL500s are known to be extremely
quiet laptops...)
Then I fired up the graphics by the startx command and went straight to GPartEd. I've
shrinked (by moving the left edge to right) my Data partition by 10 GB. Then I've clicked
OK and stretched my Windows 7 partition so it would fill the empty 10 GBs and become
adjacent to the Data partition and I applied the operations.
GPartEd started some reading operation on the Data partition, the ETA was around
2:30 hours...
I did a few little things in the room, during which I noticed, that the battery
indicator in front of the laptop is blinking orange and that a green moon (or half-
moon) sign is blinking too. I thougt, that Linux is known for having not so good
power management and I didn't pay further attention to that. Then I went to sleep.
I woke up a few hours later in the night and decided to check on my laptop.
The operations were done, so I closed GPartEd and rebooted in Windows 7. chkdsk
operations started on both partitions. I considered it normal (is it in fact?).
Then I saw my desktop and... I could barely move the mouse. The pointer was so
slow so it was hardly possible to navigate with the mouse. The orange battery
and the green moon were still blinking... I noticed that wi-fi is not working,
so, no internet!!!
I rebooted. The above mentioned signs were still blinking, but at least wi-fi
was up this time. Again, it was impossible to work with the mouse.
Then I shutdown windows and removed the battery of my laptop and started it
without a battery. Everything seemed to work normal and my files on the Data
partition looked intact (I could play a random movie and hear nice sound when
playing a few mp3s).
Then I shutdown again, put back the battery and booted up again. Battery was
showing 98%, not charging... I unplugged the power cord and waited, till it
became 97%. Plugged it back in, still no charging.
I shutdown everything, removed the battery again and went back to sleep. Of
course, I couldn't fall asleep again :-(
2 hours later - battery again in, boot, still no charging. I've again removed
the power cord, at 94% I put it back in, and fortunately it was charging now.
In the end, there was no impact for me (besides of a sleepless and stressful
night). But I am EXTRAORDINARY curious to understand, why the indicators on my
laptop were blinking, and most importand, why it still had impact after two
The battery not charging I suspect to be a threshold (perhaps 95%), above which
no charging operation occurs, so perhaps it is also normal.

THANKS a lot for every reasonable explanation !!!

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