USB Installer fails when executing 7z.exe

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USB Installer fails when executing 7z.exe

Postby Bl4deRunner » 08 Nov 2010, 08:08

Hi, I'm using SystemRescueCd USB Installer 1.1.2 with SystemResCd 1.6.3 on a Windows XP-64-bit

Everything goes well, until it has to extract files with 7z.exe:

Failed to execute 7z.exe x -y -oF:\ "C:\Sysresq\systemrescuecd-x86-1.6.3.iso" iso................

Actually, it DOES execute 7z.exe, as I see the dos-box with all the files it extracts, but problems occur when it tries to extract the files located in isolinux\maps\*.ktl, als it throws a "Data Error" for each .ktl file, and then some others before it crashes.

Also note that there isn't a "space" between -o and F:\ when 7z.exe is executed.

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