System Rescue CD (64bit) as Linux Virtualization distro.

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System Rescue CD (64bit) as Linux Virtualization distro.

Postby dorvan » 23 Aug 2010, 12:58

Hi to all,

Thanks a lot , for your great work, in years you saved me a lot of time with system rescue cd;
to solve problems and to experiment new solutions with system rescue and gentoo in general.

System Rescue CD is a great product and community.

I'm here to make a suggestion not for the pure system rescue cd but a new flavour to solve other problems...
almost anyone know vmware ESX, ESXi platform and some people know the implementation of virtualization technologies in linux.

now kvm (the qemu linux kernel module) with vde and drbd and new cluster stack pacemaker/corosync permit a complete implementation of a virtualization infrastructure
- paravirtualization and full virtualization
- live migration
- virtual networking (vde)
- network mirroring of block devices (drbd)
- High Availability Clustering

with a small amount of packages.. and deps.

i'm trying to bring up what i use in a amd64 linux box configured as virtualization platform to a system rescue custom version, with a lot of problems..
So i'm here to ask you help to build a custom full 64bit systeres version, and/or to make a new test version of system rescue cd including the state of the art of linux kernel included virtualization platform, with ther other packages in order to use a "live" env to use to boot the small virtualization system in ram (docache)..

I hope anyone can find this interesting.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, and Regards.

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