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Postby Tony » 23 Mar 2004, 21:22

1) When I boot into FreeDOS, it shows the message

No drive found with FreeDOS on it. Installation aborted!
If the FreeDOS CD is not yet in the drive, please insert
it now then change to the CD drive and run \FREEDOS\AUTORUN\AUTORUN..BAT

I am left sitting at the A: prompt, and drive A has a FREEDOS directory, but no AUTORUN subdirectory.

Is this a problem?

2) If I add files to the CD image as a second session (without rebuilding the ISO image), FreeDos does not see them. It only sees the first session on the disk. This is too bad, it would be a convenient way to add DOS utilities to the CD. Is there any way around this?

FWIW this is with the 0.2.12-rc1 version.



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