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a kind of menu

Postby Guest fab » 28 Aug 2003, 11:59

That would be a nice idea to make a quick application that run tools of your distro, a kind of menu in Qt. (with a quick description)

in this way, you can leave the note "type 'menu' to tun menu application", so newbies (like me) are not lost, we can have the list of all tools provided instead of asking myself "is there parted?"

People who are not newbies wont run "menu" and will continue to use bash command line.
and the other can use it to access tools and to get few words of description.

what do you think about ?


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Postby admin » 28 Aug 2003, 12:28


Yes, good idea. I already though to create such a menu.
I will do when I have time.


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