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xfce4-display-settings segfault in Virtualbox (bug?)

Posted: 04 Jun 2018, 20:53
by digifuzzy
I use the SysResCD to verify that VirtualBox setup works. Boot up the CD image, startx, and there it is.

However, every version of SysResCD after 5.1.2 I have had display problems. The latest release (5.2.2) will boot up fine and start an xfce window normally. The display will resize to 1280x768, but I did not select this option. Any attempt to open xfce4-display-settings (from menu or command line) results in a report of a segmentation fault.

Monitor size can be set manually from the command line via xrandr.

I suspect there is a build problem in xfce4-display-settings.

[solved]Re: xfce4-display-settings segfault in Virtualbox (bug?)

Posted: 24 Aug 2018, 12:45
by digifuzzy
Probably appears to have been related to virtualbox.
After a few updates to Virtualbox, display behaviour and response of xfce4-display-settings dialog is as expected.