Web browser/font issues

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Web browser/font issues

Post by xerces8 » 16 Aug 2015, 17:35


I booted v4.5.4 to do some system rescuing and during long copies I started up X ("startx") and opened the web browser.

I noticed two things quickly:
- it has bad support (either its JavaScript implementation is bad or websites are just too picky). For example Google Drive (https://www.google.com/drive/ or https://drive.google.com) just says: "upgrade browser" and nothing can be done on the page. Also many other pages simply don't work (without giving an explanation)

- bad fonts. Example screenshots:

(just links due to size)

On the first image (forum), see the tiny fonts used for "View unanswered posts | View active topics". The "e" is barely distinguishable from "c". Also the topic title is almost unreadable, especially the "s", also the word "Message" below it.

On the second screenshot (wikipedia) some characters are thicker than other, for example in the line "Religious text, a writing that a religious tradition considers to be sacred". "w" and "g" are thick, also "d" and "b".

This makes web pages very tiresome to read.

Can this be improved upon?

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Re: Web browser/font issues

Post by DmitryHetman » 28 Sep 2016, 13:33

Font here is very, very bad. Xorg is deprecated also.
Use Wayland+Weston and use Terminus font in framebuffer and Weston.

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