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Error V4.0.1 launching partimage, testdisk, midnight command

Posted: 01 Mar 2014, 07:13
I am a longtime System Rescue CD user. Today I downloaded and burned the
new version, 4.0.1.
When I tested it in GUI mode, it gave me an error launching several of the
utilities, including PartImage, my most important one. Midnight Commander
and TestDisk were also affected.

Here's a sample error:
Failed to execute command "terminal --hide-toolbars --hide-menubar
--geometry=80x25 --command=testdisk"

Thanks for the many wonderful utility disks of days past. Can you help me solve the errors?

Re: Error V4.0.1 launching partimage, testdisk, midnight com

Posted: 01 Mar 2014, 16:09
by gernot
All of this tools work if you enter the command name in a shell window.

Lock like the "terminal" command is removed or got lost.
The working command to open a x shell window is xfce4-terminal
A link from xfce4-terminal to terminal allone help not because xfce4-terminal dont know the --hide-toolbars parameter.