Are lynx and links gone?

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Don M.
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Are lynx and links gone?

Post by Don M. » 19 Oct 2011, 20:27

I just upgraded to the latest version, and links and lynx no longer seem to be present. The docs (overview and system tools pages) say they are included. Did I mess something up, or have they been removed? Thanks.

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Re: Are lynx and links gone?

Post by gernot » 20 Oct 2011, 04:33

looks like lynx is gone, but elinks work well on console.


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Re: Are lynx and links gone?

Post by virtuemart1 » 04 Apr 2013, 13:25

Thanks for clarify for the ELINKS

In the ELINKS menu on top, Setup > Character set >>

there are many options like ISO, Windows, CP etc.... Are they for other languages?

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