Default Boot Options & Host Restart option

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Default Boot Options & Host Restart option

Post by tbfh1955 » 25 Aug 2017, 18:20

For the record, I consider System Rescue CD one of the most significant, superbly executed projects I have seen in my 37 years as a personal computing professional developer/consultant. (Merci Gernot!)

That said, I find the boot options facility very difficult to use. Part of the problem is not seeing a clear means of modifying the boot command line. I know I can get into a text-input box, but its not clear how, and I frequently find myself inadvertently doing something else I didn't want to do.

Why not a function key which initiates two clear input text prompts: the first asking for one of the available boot images, followed by a second one showing the currently selected boot options, such that the user can take his or her time getting them right (sometimes, I need to lookup the meaning of a boot option before knowing for sure whether I want to use it).

Re: Special purpose auto-boot SRCD usb sticks.

I can customize the behavior of an individual SRCD usb stick using the autorun features, but unless I go in and create a custom image, I can't set the default boot options. It seems to me, if I can put an autorun0 file on the stick, I ought to be able to put a 'bootopts.def' file on the stick which stipulates the default boot image & options, which gets used unless the user intervenes.

Re: Host Restart

Once you have a set of scripts which can perform seriously useful host maintenance functions (particularly on Windows hosts), in some situations, it would be highly advantageous to configure a SRCD stick for a particular host, and just leave it installed on that host. That would allow an automated late-night maintenance run, or the ability to have a non-technically oriented user enable SRCD remote access/diagnostics with a single click.

However, this requires managing the boot-order for the host. If I set the boot-order so it always boots the SRCD stick, I need a way to get the stick to automatically re-boot the host, bypassing the normal bios dictated boot order. I must admit, I haven't thought to look for a way to boot the SRCD stick directly from the currently running host OS, and I will do so (apologies in advance for not checking this out beforehand). But if not, it would be helpful to have a 'restart host <partition>' option in SRCD.

Thank you for this invaluable tool, over many years.

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Re: Default Boot Options & Host Restart option

Post by gernot » 26 Aug 2017, 07:45

One problem is that we have two different boot systems.
syslinux for Bios and a basic grub for UEFI. Speak you about grub or syslinux.

I write for syslinux:
It is possible to set the option "boot from first hard disk" as default after a timeout.
So a "operator" can boot the sysrcd on demand, while operatorless boot start from hard disk.

On a USB stick its possible to replace sylinux.cfg for the next automatic reboot.
So you can scripted select the boot options for the next reboot.
Just use the cfg with the default boot target you like.


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Re: Default Boot Options & Host Restart option

Post by nickalreadytaken » 30 Aug 2017, 05:11

Just for the record. Systemrescuecd is developed by Francois Dupoux :) Also Gernot does answer a lot of questions here. Thanks Gernot.

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