How to install ntfsck for (USB-Media+backstore)

Post questions about how to make a customized SystemRescueCd, and if you have problems to install new packages. Please read the handbook first.
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How to install ntfsck for (USB-Media+backstore)

Post by gatorback » 03 Sep 2016, 13:10

A Windows XP PC does not boot up and indicates a missing HAL.dll. Deeper inspection \ test with sysrescueCD: ntfs-3g required the force option in order to mount the NTFS partition. After partition was mounted, data was retrieved however attempts to access to C:\Windows indicated an error.

I was instructed to run ntfsck: and was told: try "apt-get install ntfs-3g" or "yum install ntfs-3g" to get ntfsck installed. Neither apt-get or yum is part of sysrecuecd.

Question: what is the command line syntax to download and install ntfsck for SysrescueCD.
Question: if I install SysrescueCD on bootable USB media should I refer to it as SysrescueUSB or SysrescueCD-USB?

The ultimate goal is to understand why access to C:\Windows is denied and correct (repair) access. Any tests to gain understanding or repair the directory is appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: How to install ntfsck for (USB-Media+backstore)

Post by gernot » 03 Sep 2016, 17:44

I think the filesystem or drive is real broken.

Development of ntfsck is stopped. I think i read it was not a real "repairing" tool.
May be ntfsfix help in some cases.

The best way to repair this is to boot a windows install CD.


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