Which Custom Boot Options file to use?

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Which Custom Boot Options file to use?

Postby tbfh1955 » 05 Jul 2016, 08:07

In one section of the docs I find this:
Step-09: Edit boot options (optional)

You may want to edit boot options (options such as docache or dodhcp) in the following file:


You might want to modify the splash screen at:


In another different location, I find this:
How to change the default boot options

If you often use the same options create your own personalized SystemRescueCd and edit syslinux.cfg to add your options. Follow this instruction . Use the sysresccd-custom script to extract the current files of the livecd, edit isolinux.cfg (syslinux.cfg with USB keys), and recreate the ISO image.

If you use the network booting via PXE feature edit pxelinux.cfg/default on your PXE boot server.

The link reference "Follow this instruction." points to:


And that gets me right back where I started, the table of contents for personalizing System Rescue CD. With all due respect, and sincere appreciation for this valuable product, this sentence is extremely confusing:

Use the sysresccd-custom script to extract the current files of the livecd, edit isolinux.cfg (syslinux.cfg with USB keys), and recreate the ISO image.

I attempted to get help from the syslinux man page. Under the heading "Bootable CD-ROMs" I found this reference:

Of course, you probably want to use ISOLINUX instead.
See the documentation file isolinux.doc.

However, I was unable to find 'isolinux.doc' on the System Rescue CD file system. There are plenty of references on-line to various flavors of <prefix>LINUX which purport to be boot-loaders. However, some of them appear to be specific to Windows(?), or reference various Linux distributions.

Further complicating things, some boot options may be set using a script:

/usr/sbin/sysresccd-custom setkmap <your-keymap>

But the docs mention numerous other boot options, and it's not clear which .cfg file needs to be modified for a given boot option (PXE, CD, USB). This leaves me no alternative to 'trial and error', which means for each trial I end up having to generate a new CD, load it, and see what happens.

If there is any documentation available which clarifies specifically which .cfg files and/or any other related files need to be modified in order to:

1. Produce a custom CD.

2. Produce a custom USB based on the custom CD.

My goal is simply to have a uniform custom boot process which can be run by an end-user either with a CD-ROM or a USB stick, depending on what kind of PC they're using.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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