How to downsize?

Post questions about how to make a customized SystemRescueCd, and if you have problems to install new packages. Please read the handbook first.
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How to downsize?

Post by robertapi » 06 Jul 2015, 11:16


i need a bootable linux to do a automated clonepart image/restore.

So far i used the default iso and added a simple shell script to do that. I need to distribute those via internet and therefore need to downsize the systemresccd.dat as much as possible.

So i took the ... emRescueCd part of the tutorial and removed both the devtools and the graphical environment, but all i got was a mere 17 mb.

i did delete the lib64 folder which got me another 35 mb.

i tryed the "equery list *" to find packages i might remove, but i didnt return any installed packages,
does this command only work on packages i added?

I'm not very used to linux itself so i dont know what i can delete and what should be kept.
But there has to be excess files i dont need to get a smaller systemresccd.dat, right?

maybe someone has a hint what i can try to minimize the image size down to more reasonable sizes, as i only need the very minimum to boot and clonepart a network share

thanks in advance

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