Changing default menu fails in isolinux.cfg

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Changing default menu fails in isolinux.cfg

Post by rverma » 29 Apr 2014, 08:33

While creating a customized restore DVD using Sysresccd, ran into the following issue

Found that the isolinux.cfg mentions

MENU DEFAULT rescuecd_std

This needs to be changed to
DEFAULT rescuecd_std (this makes it global and one can change it e.g. to DEFAULT rescuecd_us to avoid the keyboard selection - tested and works)

One can use

(Only valid after a LABEL statement.)
Indicates that this entry should be the default for the particular (sub)menu. See also the DEFAULT directive. If no default is specified, use the first one.

LABEL rescuecd_std

The effect is slightly different and would make that menu entry the default one in the many entries listed.

Thanks for the good work - love the live CD


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