Installing as full linux

Post questions about how to make a customized SystemRescueCd, and if you have problems to install new packages. Please read the handbook first.
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Installing as full linux

Post by Linuxuser » 09 Sep 2013, 16:57


i am stuck with the rescd for some time as i cannot rapair my os till now.

So i need some extra packages and i really would like to emerge the packets normally and have it when i reboot.

The way i understand the programm is that if i normally emerge a package - to a hd or usb copy - it will vanish after rebooting is that right?

I created a fat partition on hd how can i install the sysrescd in a way that i can just normally download new packages with emerge and keep them permanently without having to recreate the dat file everytime?

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Re: Installing as full linux

Post by gernot » 09 Sep 2013, 18:30

create a backstore file to save the changes ... sysresccd/


p.s. backstore work on a FAT formated device.

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