iproute2 equivalent of ifconfig eth0 up

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iproute2 equivalent of ifconfig eth0 up

Post by apocrypha » 08 Mar 2012, 16:56

Hi guys,

I appreciate the work that has gone into SystemRescueCd and I'm playing a little bit with the basic networking tools (even though the auto DHCP setup works fine). I want to be able to show my fellow LUG members how to setup their own interface if their distro fails to do it or they just prefer to. So I was working on this page using the commands there:

http://www.sysresccd.org/Sysresccd-Netw ... s-on-linux

Fairly familiar with the traditional ifconfig commands but not the iproute2 and since I read that ifconfig is deprecated, I thought it was a good time to learn the newer iproute2 equivalents. I got stuck though. I was able to add the interface but when I tried to add the default gateway I kept getting this error:

RTNETLINK answers: No such process

I figured out that the eth0 interface though set, was not "up" by using "ip address show". But I had no idea how to do this using iproute2 commands so I fell back to the old:

/sbin/ifconfig eth0 up

Then when I added the default route it worked fine.

I know I don't have to use the new command but I'm sure there must be the equivalent to bring the interface eth0 up. Does anybody know what that is?

I spent about 20 minutes trying to search on google and couldn't come up with anything. It's also hard obviously to search the phrase "ip address" since you get a deluge of people wanting to know how to figure out their IP address.

Thanks in advance!

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