Retrieve list network shares

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Retrieve list network shares

Postby JoJon » 15 May 2011, 10:31

Hi, I'm using sysrecd 2.1.1 from usb.

Okay, I successfully mounted all my win shares with the usual mount.cifs command.
Anyway, I could not do that if I did not knew the correct name of those shares. How can you see a list of the network shares? Sometimes, I just dont remember the exact names or I just dontknow.

I've searched before posting here, but no answers were found. In ubuntu I use smbtree to do this job, but I know that the entire smbclient was excluded from system rescue cd since 1.5.7 or whatever. Assuming that people need this and I'm not the only memory-less human in the world, which way does replace the tree command?

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