reverse VNC howto ?

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reverse VNC howto ?

Postby pdc123 » 29 Aug 2010, 18:16

I need to save a diskimage from my sisters' winXP machine, 250 miles away .

Getting them to download burn and boot from the CD should be straightforward .
But i need to get at the machine, without having to talk them through configuring portforwarding on their router, so I think a reverse VNC connection is whats needed, and I can portforward at my end to my desktop.

the SystemrescueCD comes with VNC - is there an equivalent of the tightVNC 'connect to client' option or do i have to talk then through doing it frmo the command line, or has any else any other ideas ?

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Re: reverse VNC howto ?

Postby gernot » 29 Aug 2010, 18:55

hmmmm, no idea for VNC, but for ssh.

Using an ssh-server on both PC could work.

use from sisters side
ssh yourip -R 1234:

then use on local side
ssh -p 1234

The idea is to forward your local port 1234 to the ssh port on sisters loopbackdevice over her ssh-connection.

Now you can run consoleprogramms like partimage.
There is also the -X option in ssh but its verry slow.
To transfer big files you can use netcat (nc) on both sides.


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