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Re Intro Samba | Thank You!!! 1.3.7

Posted: 04 Jul 2010, 06:05
by acummings
rescuecd 1.3.7
Reintroduced samba server (version 3.0.37 with minimal options to save space)

I rescuecd boot a friend's (Win XP) desktop using the last rescuecd that had Samba in it. I add my smb.conf

I also ntfs-3g rw mount

Then, using my Win XP laptop with the latest Mcaffee Internet Security Suite -- I right click that networked Samba share then choose scan

Thus I quarantines viruses on my friend's box

Friend's box then boots alright and web browser is ok as in it's no longer taken over.

I done it on 2 different friend's XP boxes with 100% success rate so far.

***I hope 1.5.7 has enough of Samba to do this.***

Please always keep enough Samba on the rescuecd so as to perform this operation.

Thanks much for such a useful as the rescuecd. Alan.

Re: Re Intro Samba | Thank You!!! 1.3.7

Posted: 05 Jul 2010, 18:29
by strowi

i am just wondering, does the cifs-module support plaintext authentication? I read, that recent version have support for plainauth removed?

Also... you could always just install sophos/avira/mcafee.... on the sysrcd and scan from there, that way there is absolutely NO CHANCE, that a possibly new virus may infect your desktop...

(1.5.7) Re: Re Intro Samba | Thank You!!! 1.3.7

Posted: 13 Jul 2010, 04:45
by acummings
Corrected it's 1.5.7 not 1.3.7

I don't know regards plain text. But my smb.conf that I use then just lets my Win XP laptop both see and access the hard drive partitions on the rescuecd booted box, no authentication needed to do so. It's too loose (security wise) of an smb.conf to use except for this or another sufficiently limited type of task. (a closed LAN consisting only of a router, the resuecd booted box, and my Win XP laptop).

Thanks for the Avira idea -- I checked it out -- they have a Linux version.

BTW I've not yet tried my above listed Samba useage/procedure using rescuecd 1.5.7 or 1.5.8