Nmblookup command missing

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Don M.
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Nmblookup command missing

Post by Don M. » 16 Jun 2010, 11:04

In older versions of sysresccd (eg 1.3.1) I could use the nmblookup command to find the IP address of a windows computer on my home network. Then I could use that IP address in the mount command to mount a windows share. In version 1.5.5, this no longer works, the shell reports the command nmblookup is not found. Is there any other way of doing this?

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Re: Nmblookup command missing

Post by admin » 19 Jun 2010, 15:27

The samba package has been removed in sysresccd-1.5 since the samba server is not used by most people. A minimal version has been reintroduced in sysresccd-1.5.7-beta1.

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