PXE with already existing pxelinux.0

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PXE with already existing pxelinux.0

Post by s02mjtj » 04 Jun 2010, 15:17

The chapter on PXE reads for requirement: "A computer or a virtual machine that can boot SystemRescueCd
from a CD/USB/HDD to act as a PXE server".

Is it however possible to pick out kernel, initram and filesystem and load them with proper configuration of an already existing PXE linux steup?

More specifically I aldready have a pxelinux.0 based set up and dreamed of integrating with that. I gave it a fast try with the following config:

label sysresccd
menu label Rescue system - s^ysresccd
kerel sysresccd/rescue64
append initrd=sysresccd/initram.igz dodhcp netboot=tftp://SERVER_IP:69/sysrcd.dat

and my TFTPROOT/sysresccd holds the files


which i picked out of the sysresccd version 1.5.5 image.

However, it just leaves me with a black screen with the message 'Loading sysresccd.' at the upper left and eventually a failure 'Boot failed: press a key to retry, or wait for reset ...'

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Re: PXE with already existing pxelinux.0

Post by gernot » 08 Jun 2010, 15:22

Use logfiles , tcpdump or whireshark to check what happens on the server . Is your pxelinux able to handle path? Think about using a leading slash in path.


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