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partclone disappeared?

Posted: 02 Apr 2018, 15:44
by dutchkind
Today I tried to create a partition backup with the latest SystemRescueCd and to my surprise partclone had disappeared. I looked through the changelog if I had missed something but no mention of it. I downgraded to 5.1.2 and there it is still available.

What happened to partclone? This is (was) the MOST important application for me on the SystemRescueCd! Without it I can not restore any of my partition images nor create any new ones!

Re: partclone disappeared?

Posted: 04 Apr 2018, 17:12
by bert

first, sorry for my poor English :-)

I also noticed that Partclone is missing, so I decided to write to the developer... He told me:

"Partclone just stopped building with recent versions so I had to remove it. The stable version has not been updated for more than a year now so it can explain why it does not build with recent versions of other packages."

I don't know if Partclone will build a release that can fit SysRescCD in the future... I used to use partclone to make images of my distros and now I switched to Clonezilla that uses Partclone too (and it works very well) but it was cool to have everything in one ISO...

Let's wait!

In the meanwhile I re-downloaded the old build just like you! :-)

Re: partclone disappeared?

Posted: 11 Apr 2018, 14:46
by dutchkind
I downloaded Clonezilla but haven't taken the time to look at it. What I liked about SysRescCD was it dual architecture in one, no two images for i386 and x64, which makes it far easier for a true rescue cd.

I find it a pity the removal of Partclone was never mentioned in the Changelog, which I always read, so I was unpleasantly surprised to discover it was removed just like that. I had to go back version by version until finding the last version with Partclone. This shouldn't be the case with such an important package for a rescue cd. Hopefully we get notified when it returns.

I wrote one of the Partclone developers but haven't heard back from him.