DVDisaster: Archival with data loss protection

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DVDisaster: Archival with data loss protection

Postby Axis » 18 Feb 2016, 16:33

Hi to all.

About next SystemRescueCd version: It would be possible to add a very useful software (at least for me is the best program in his category) like DVDisaster (open source, GNU GPL v3)? Its Win version is something I used to use several times for my Bd-R/Bd-Rs DL media.

It's a tool for creating error correction data ("ecc data") for optical media such as CD, DVD and BD discs.
The dvdisaster solution: Archival with data loss protection. dvdisaster complements optical media with error correction data in a way that they are fully recoverable even after some read errors have developed. This enables you to rescue the complete data to a new medium.
Error correction data, in short “ecc data”, is either added to the medium or kept in separate error correction files. dvdisaster works at the image level so that the recovery does not depend on the file system of the medium. The maximum error correction capacity is user-selectable.


Unfortunately the Windows and Mac OS are no longer supported: the author wants to focus only on FreeBSD, GNU/Linux and NetBSD versions. 0.79.5 is the latest version (August 2015) and It needs to be compiled.


Many thanks.

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