Partimage: Selecting a Drive

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Partimage: Selecting a Drive

Post by gatorback » 02 Aug 2015, 04:00


A neighbor has asked me to install Win7 on her computer. The drive is a SATA spinner (platters) 200GB. After I install Win7 and the drivers on the drive, I plan to save a Partimage file so that it can be quickly re-imaged in the future.

I have a 120GB SSD drive: if I were to install Win7 on the 120GB SSD and snap the partimage file. Could I image the 200GB drive and extend the filesystem using gParted?

I look forward to constructive and insightful comments. Thanks.

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Re: Partimage: Selecting a Drive

Post by gernot » 02 Aug 2015, 09:19

I don't understand the question.

You can save a partition with partimage to save it for recovery.
You need additional steps to get a booting system on a blank disc. Systems like Clonezilla save also the partitiontable and bootrecords.

You can extend a system from 120 to 200 GB with gparted.

You get problems with the win registration key if you clone neighbors system.


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