testdisk recovery taking too long; disconnecting disks?

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testdisk recovery taking too long; disconnecting disks?

Post by larjona » 22 Jul 2015, 19:49

Hi everybody
Thanks for your work in SystemRescueCD, it's a life saver.

I had I/O errors in a laptop hard disk and I launched SysRescCD's testdisk in order to copy /home to an external USB disk before replacing the dying harddisk.

It's taking too long! 5 complete days working, and 250 GB of data copied (from ext4 partition in harddisk to NTFS partition in USB disk) and I suppose there are at least 50 GB more... No I/O errors in dmesg; it seems the damaged part is somewhere else in the disk.

I wonder if it's normal that speed; USB is 2.0 and hard disk is SATA, laptop from 2010.

I wonder if the system is disconnecting disks (the harddisk and/or the USB one) when becoming idle for some energy saving policy... How can I be sure that is not happening?

Thanks again

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Re: testdisk recovery taking too long; disconnecting disks?

Post by gernot » 23 Jul 2015, 05:05

Broken HD can be damn slow. They can spin down and restart after every block.
Testdisc recover partitiontables. Use you photorec?

Try ddrescue to copy the bad partition to a file on a good Harddisk. Run photorec there.
With a logfile you can stop and continue.
If your HD has "slow" block ranges without errors use the '--min-read-rate=bytes' option

Make sure to use a filesystem that can hold huge files as target.


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