sorting scrambled /dev/sdN's

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sorting scrambled /dev/sdN's

Postby HansBKK » 31 Jan 2011, 06:37

I currently use the following procedure to help figure out which disks are which - most of my servers have many disks with identical partitioning.

Say I'm in SysRescCD - I create files in a parallel locations on each drive with a name like "sda1-srcd" "sdb1-srcd" etc.

Then when I'm in Grml, if I notice that the ordering's different, I'll also create "sda1-grml" "sdb1-grml"

Then I when I'm back in Grub, I use "search -f" on these names and jot down the ordering, then label my partitions with names like "g201", g211 etc and use these from now on with matching mount points so my various OS environments are consistent.

If anyone has a better suggestion for figuring out which disk is which please fill me in!

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Re: sorting scrambled /dev/sdN's

Postby cschulzejn » 06 Feb 2011, 10:51

there are all disks with serialnumbers

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