ext4 shrink = corrupted partition ?

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ext4 shrink = corrupted partition ?

Post by greenskol » 19 May 2010, 08:58


I've used SystemRescueCD 1.5.3 and GParted to shrink the main ext4 partition of a desktop computer (running Ubuntu 10.04) and it resulted in a corrupted partition.

The first error when booting the desktop was about an invalid UUID (which seemed quite normal), but when I wanted to mount the partition by hand to correct GRUB configuration, I got an error message about logical size being bigger than the physical one.
It's as if Gparted had modified the partition table but not shrinked the partition properly.

Are there some limitation on ext4 resize ?


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Re: ext4 shrink = corrupted partition ?

Post by gedakc » 16 Jun 2010, 21:05

Some recent versions of libparted can sometimes fail to update the kernel of partition changes. This can cause grief, especially when resizing file systems.

This problem is described in the following GParted forum post:
WARNING! Problem Resizing File Systems with GParted

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Re: ext4 shrink = corrupted partition ?

Post by w23 » 17 Mar 2011, 17:01

as with ntfs, this can cause shrinking problems too. On that website I encountered many problems people having which were all pretty much the same, with the same resolution.

Is there a message to users of problems that people have encountered, in case new users encounter some too, and then know where to look? Can this be included in a minor revision at all?

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Re: ext4 shrink = corrupted partition ?

Post by gernot » 17 Mar 2011, 17:33

Which sysrcd version used you?

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