Partimage and LVM

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Partimage and LVM

Post by ghborrmannjr » 13 Feb 2010, 13:35

Previous posts have advised that partimage can't handle LVM partitions, but I have noted that, in my Fedora 10 system, partimage recognizes the individual logical volumes but not the physical volume.
Using the System Rescue Disk (v 1.3.5), partimage notes the absence of nodes for dm-0 through dm-3, and offers to make them for me; apparently this is not successful. The version of partimage is the same: 0.6.8 in both cases. This suggests to me that perhaps a simple tweak of the System Rescue Disk would let partimage work with LVM. Any suggestions?

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Re: Partimage and LVM

Post by admin » 14 Feb 2010, 21:24

You can use fsarchiver, which is a complete rewrite of partimage. It supports ext4 and LVM, and it's in fedora.

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Re: Partimage and LVM

Post by Nakarti » 12 Aug 2010, 08:03

After reading this I decided "Hey, maybe partimage supports LVM the same way Virtualbox supports physical disks"

Well, it does! Just set up the restore from the command line instead of within the gui:
partimage restore /dev/nakvg1/lfwin /media/cdrom/LFWINIMG.000
and it works great! (The example was an image of a Windows single-partition drive going to an LV so I could then resize it and restore to a smaller drive.)

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