New Motherboard Installed Linux not booting

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New Motherboard Installed Linux not booting

Post by renierf » 13 Nov 2009, 14:23

I installed a new Motherboard. When I boot from the HDD I receive Loading Linux - error 0x01. What do I need to do to repair this with sysresccd? Thx

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Re: New Motherboard Installed Linux not booting

Post by RobertCarnegie » 14 Nov 2009, 00:15

Google for that message finds a hint that the hard disk physical connections - power and data - should be checked. What that really means is, switch off the PC, ground yourself, and unplug and then re-plug each connector one by one. Or the cable itself could be faulty. Or... can you pull the RAM out as well and put it back?

Most of that is unlikely to matter if you can boot another operating system on the hard disk, or if you can boot SystemRescueCD and then test and pass the disk... which is what you're really asking for. I mean, what youdactually asked for.

Well... the command "testdisk" sounds useful :-)

In case there is a physical problem, if the software wants to "repair" the disk data, be cautious about that. If everything's fine... then I suppose everything's fine. Except that you can't boot your PC.

Here's a thought: is your new motherboard or processor 64 bit? That could make your life very interesting for a while... no, not in a good way.

What version of Linux is on the hard disk, anyway?

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Re: New Motherboard Installed Linux not booting

Post by admin » 14 Nov 2009, 22:06

If Grub is broken, you can repair it this way: ... maged-Grub

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