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[MULTICAST] PCs restoration

Posted: 01 Nov 2009, 16:52
by guillaume80

I have a problem with updcast.

On the source pc :
udp-sender -p "gzip -c" -f /dev/hda2
On targets pc :
udp-receiver -p "gzip -dc" -f /dev/hda2

Test On 3 targets pc :
Average output : 10Mbps
Estimate time : 20min

Test On 15 targets pc :
Average output : 1.94Mbps
Estimate time : > 1h

The man page of udp sender said that :
"Thus, sending to 10 destinations does not take more time than it would take to send just 2. "

However, not for me.
I must use the --broadcast option with udp-sender ?

Thanks for yours futures responses.

Re: [MULTICAST] PCs restoration

Posted: 03 Nov 2009, 22:39
by guillaume80

Who does it use the broadcast option with udp-sender here ?