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Newbie to RescueCD - Partition problems

Posted: 23 Jun 2009, 19:13
by johneed
I currently have a 320GB HD in a laptop. The first ~60GB is a partition that is unused. Following that is a ~260GB partition that is the primary boot partition with Windows Vista on NTFS.

What I want is to have a ~70GB primary boot partition with Vista on NTFS first (e.g C drive), followed by a partition consuming the remainder of the disk on NTFS (e.g. D drive).

Symantec Norton Ghost does not lend itself to this, because the current version forces you to restore the entire disk signature during the restore operation. Regardless of what partitions I create on the disk, I get back to my starting point following a Ghost restore.

I have tried the partition move/resize utility on SystemRescueCD twice now. Both times, it gives nice green OK checkmarks, but the result is not bootable.

I'm wondering if I can use partimage and the other utilities to achieve my goal, and would appreciate any assistance. I have not been able to successfully create a partition backup using the GUI for partimage. It seems like I can see my external drive that is my desired destination, but I don't know how to direct the image to save there. I don't understand the drive designations in the tool.


P.S. I have an external 750GB eSATA/USB drive for saving/reading images. I also have no experience with the command interface, only the GUI.