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Problem with partimage on sysrescuecd

Posted: 04 May 2009, 18:18
by mahashakti89

I am facing some annoying problem with partimage 0.6.7.-2, when trying to make an image from an XFS partition I get following error :
It happens with /home , /usr , /var but it works fine with / and /opt.

"Can't read bitmap block 0 from image"

I am using the stable version of sysrescuecd, I tried it also with the partimage version of my Debian-based machine, it doesn't work ...
And Google gave me no clue about this - so it seems - wellknown error.

Any help will be appreciated


Posted: 01 Jun 2009, 10:56
by loggc
hi, i had the same problem. I view the log and the problem it´s that the free-size byte from the block 0 is bad. xfs_repair and xfs_check doesn´t detect and solve the problem.
I have other partition, i copied all de system partition with cp -ar to the other partition, after i installed a base os in the partition, doing a new fs with mkfs.xfs.
After, delete all the new os, and copy de old os, reinstall lilo, and all works, the os and partimage for make the image.
Conclusion. the problem is of file system, not of partimage. yout need format the partition for solve the problem.