PLEASE update SRCD for Sparc64!

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PLEASE update SRCD for Sparc64!

Post by Simba7 » 06 Nov 2011, 22:15

I purchased (5) SunFire V100's on eBay for rather cheap. Unfortunately, I can't put Gentoo on them like I did my other x86 systems due to the last SRCD being really old.

Can someone update the old Sparc64 version of this to a recent version? I'd be more than willing to dedicate one of them to the cause and keep it up to date.

BTW: These are UltraSPARC IIe @ 550MHz with 1GB of RAM and 80GB HDD. They're nice little servers, but I feel the Solaris 8 install is a bit old and would like to have all the systems in sync with each other.

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