Importance of distinction between 32bit and 64bit system?

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Geoff Mills
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Importance of distinction between 32bit and 64bit system?

Post by Geoff Mills » 06 Jun 2009, 07:44

Hi, I'm a rather old newbie struggling to understand the complexities of SystemRescueCD. In the past I've been a Windows user and only recently ventured into Ubuntu territory.

The system clone software I've used in the past seems to have made no distinction between 32bit and 64bit architecture.
Can anyone please tell me why it's such a prominent feature of SystemRescueCD?

I understand that a number of Windows oriented Clone apps, run from DOS can take snapshots of Linux partitions and restore them, so what is the advantage in me belabouring my poor old brain with the extra layers of boot option choices required by SystemRescueCD?

After all, for my purposes, isn't it essentially about taking a snapshot of the data on one partition and saving it to another on a different drive? Where does the significance of 32/64bit come in here?
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Geoff Mills

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Post by admin » 06 Jun 2009, 08:43

A 64bit kernel is required if you want to execute b4 bits programs installed on your hard disk or to chroot to a 64bit environment.
It's all explained here:

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