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Poor video displayed

Posted: 25 Dec 2018, 04:04
by digifuzzy
SysResCD ver: 5.3.2
CPU: AMD FX-6100(6 core)[Bulldozer]
GPU: Radeon HD 6450 PCI

SysResCD loaded (blue menu visible - non-UEFI) normally. Option for 64bit system and store to memory selected. Computer booted normally without any error indications given. Command for startx given.

Video presentation was horrible. Font was barely legible. Overall graphics display was...yuk. xrandr showed error message with gamma setting.
Display capture: Image

Web search indicated that gamma problems are likely related to missing video driver. A search of loaded drivers found neither amd or amdgpu driver were loaded by system.

xorg reported kernel modesetting was not enabled Image

I switched back to main graphics display (ctrl+alt+F7). Image of desktop - Image

Ever since 4.11 kernel series and SysResCD ver > 5.1, video performance was been spotty. My latest experience was that SysResCD desktop was unusable and command line marginally acceptable.