Can't paste files in drive mounted as rw (read and write)

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Can't paste files in drive mounted as rw (read and write)

Post by xoid97 » 21 Oct 2016, 21:21

Hey guys,
This is really weird. So my windows had a problem during an update and I'm trying to save files from the corrupted hard drive to an external one I have.

I mounted my computer's HD as read-only (because I cannot access it normally, it's too broken). Then I mounted my external HD as read and write. I know I mounted it as read-write, because there is no lock symbols on the files, I can create NEW folders in it, and I also remounted it by specifying read and write (-o rw), even though it should mount this way by default.

Now, when I try to copy and paste files from my computer's HD (mounted on a folder in /media/) to my external HD, I get the error "The destination is read-only".

I tryed copying from my old HD to my desktop and THEN to my new HD, and I get the same error. I can provide video proof if needed, because I know it sounds crazy.
Thank you for your help!

Edit: As additionnal information, when I plug my external HD to a fonctionning Windows computer, I CAN paste stuff in it. The mystery thickens.

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Re: Can't paste files in drive mounted as rw (read and write

Post by gernot » 22 Oct 2016, 07:40

If your external HD is NTFS formated use "ntfs-3g" instead "mount". It's slower but full rw is possible.

Think about using ddrescue to mirror the broken device.


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