Please update sys-kernel/linux-firmware

Questions about problems with your hardware. For example, if you the kernel hangs during boot because of an hardware failure or if you have a problem with a driver not working or missing.
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Please update sys-kernel/linux-firmware

Post by omsai » 29 Jul 2016, 23:02

Thank you for making SystemRescue CD!

SystemRescue CD version 4.8.0 still uses year old sys-kernel/linux-firmware-20150320. Newer wireless cards like the Intel 8260 require newer firmware. It would be great if the newer ebuild can be installed with the image; 20160331 is the current stable release on amd64.

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Re: Please update sys-kernel/linux-firmware

Post by cschulzejn » 23 Aug 2016, 08:18


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