Please add MFD Realtek USB card reader driver

Questions about problems with your hardware. For example, if you the kernel hangs during boot because of an hardware failure or if you have a problem with a driver not working or missing.
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Please add MFD Realtek USB card reader driver

Postby ElektromAn » 24 Jul 2016, 20:14

Hello guys,

please add Realtek USB card reader for support of
RTS5129, RTS5139, RTS5179 and RTS5170 card readers.

They are not handled via usb-storage driver and need a special

Driver config is located in
driver/mfd/Kconfig "MFD_RTSX_USB"

They are some board using this device.
Boot is possible, but it will stuck in reading files.

Hans Ulli Kroll

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