Auto-detect NTFS partit., Monitor resolution, keyboard lang?

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Auto-detect NTFS partit., Monitor resolution, keyboard lang?

Post by pstein » 20 Nov 2014, 05:14

Some time ago I tried out SystemRescueCD and was disappointed.

This old version does NOT automatically recognized
- existing NTFS partitions and auto-mount them
- the maximum possible monitor resolution (instead it starts up with a tiny default resolution)
- the current german keyboard layout language (instead it assigns english as keyboard layout)
- does not have a "shutdown" button. Instead users have to enter "shutdown" at the terminal

Ok, users could fiddle around and switch everything manually.
But this is extremely unconvenient and unhandy.

Is SystemRescueCD meanwhile smarter and auto-detects all these settings?


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Re: Auto-detect NTFS partit., Monitor resolution, keyboard l

Post by gernot » 20 Nov 2014, 07:06

A rescue system should never mount a filesystem automatic RW.
Sysresccd don't load the german keyboard automatic. Init asks at boot.
On modern systems sysresccd shut down with the power button.


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