problem with Radeon 9250

Questions about problems with your hardware. For example, if you the kernel hangs during boot because of an hardware failure or if you have a problem with a driver not working or missing.
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problem with Radeon 9250

Postby jdietrch » 21 May 2013, 20:14

I have a machine with a PCI video card installed--a Radeon 9250--and it boots just fine with SystemRescueCD 2.8.0. But I'm having trouble with SystemRescueCD 3.6.0. With the default kernel default options, the screen turns to gibberish right after the message "Loading kernel modules", and it seems that the boot doesn't proceed any farther than that.

I can get it to boot successfully by choosing one of the options that includes 'nomodeset' but that is not really a solution, because the radeon driver requires KMS. So X uses the vesa module instead, which does not support the native resolution of my LCD, which yields a stretched and blurry screen.

Anything else I can try? Any more information about my setup that would be helpful?

Thank you,

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Re: problem with Radeon 9250

Postby gernot » 21 May 2013, 20:34

you can run "wizard" and try mkx config.
Also booting in framebuffer mode can help.


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Re: problem with Radeon 9250

Postby jdietrch » 22 May 2013, 13:14

Thank you for your reply.

I tried booting with vga=791 (I assume that's what you meant by framebuffer mode?) but the screen goes black immediately after the line "Loading kernel modules".

The only way I have found to get it to boot successfully all the way is to include 'nomodeset' as a kernel option. However, when I then run 'wizard' and choose Xorg-mkx, it fails to start X with this error: "Fatal server error: no screens found". Looking in /var/log/Xorg.0.log shows the reason:
[KMS]: drm report modesetting isn't supported
And the xorg radeon driver in SystemRescueCD 3.6.0 requires KMS.

Running 'wizard' and choosing Xorg-run does start X, but this is because after discovering that it can't use the radeon module because there's no KMS, it falls back to the vesa module. But this is not good, because no vesa mode matches the native resolution of my LCD (1920x1200). This means that the resulting X display is stretched and quite blurry.

Any other ideas for getting the kernel to boot with KMS enabled? If that worked, I think X would start up just fine.

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