built-in DVD writer

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built-in DVD writer

Post by THUFIR » 31 Mar 2013, 00:59

I see:

app-cdr cdrtools-3.00
app-cdr cdw-0.7.1
app-cdr dvd+rw-tools-7.1-r1
app-cdr isomaster-1.3.5
app-cdr xfburn-0.4.3_p20121021

Which is good. Will xfburn work on the built-in DVD writer? How about an external USB DVD writer?

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Re: built-in DVD writer

Post by gernot » 31 Mar 2013, 08:56

Not all are "dvd burning" programms. Xfburn is a front end and should work with all writers.
dvd+rw-tools is a tool set to work with rewritable medias more special then just burn a Image.


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