Questions about problems with your hardware. For example, if you the kernel hangs during boot because of an hardware failure or if you have a problem with a driver not working or missing.
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Post by L0cutus » 16 Feb 2010, 08:36


i have my /home in zfs format as it work very well, zfs-fuse 0.6.x+ versions works and are
stable enough to be used on regular bases imho, so, what about to include this support to
SystemRescCd ?
I think it will be the first live with this type of support :)


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Re: zfs-fuse

Post by admin » 20 Feb 2010, 16:07

zfs-fuse-0.6.0 has been added in SystemRescueCd-1.4.0-bet7, can you please try that version ?

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Re: zfs-fuse

Post by costinel » 18 Sep 2012, 07:48

now that zfsonlinux.org is producing updated code for a native zfs subsystem, zfs-fuse appears to be a dead end. at least sysresccd zfs-fuse code is unable to import pools created with native zfs.

it would be nice to provide emerge's "sys-fs/zfs" instead.

regarding licensing, quoting from: https://github.com/pendor/gentoo-zfs-in ... ter/livecd

"While I am not a lawyer, it's my good faith belief based on my understanding of the term "link" and of comments made by Linus Torvalds mirrored at http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Kernel/propri ... dules.html that simply creating kernel modules for Linux is not sufficient for those modules to be considered derivative works of the Linux kernel."

further quoting Linus:
"The reason the kernel is exposed in such a LGPLd way when using modules is simply that there are a lot of kernel device drivers for Unix available, and they were not all written under Linux. If somebody wants to port his SVR4 driver to Linux but doesn't want to GPL it, I feel that he should have the right to do that, using modules. After all, the driver wasn't actually derived from Linux itself: it's a real driver in its own right, so I don't feel that I have the moral right to force him to switch copyrights."

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