PXE on Atheros-network card?

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PXE on Atheros-network card?

Postby FM81 » 03 Mar 2014, 15:08

Hi at all!

I've some problems to boot the latest version (4.0.1) via PXE and NFS (on a special machine only) .
I think, the problem is, that the module 'alx' isn't included in 'initram.igz', but I'm not sure about?
KERNEL and 'initram.igz' are loaded fine via PXE, but then it stops with "no network card", "no DHCP lease".

If I boot on the same system via CD or USB the card is seen as 'enp3s0' (strange name for me!), but I can configure it correct in any way.
The bootparameter "doload=alx" gives also "module not found".
Would it help, to build a customized 'initram.igz' to load this module early enough?

Thanks, FM_81

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