bnx2 firmware unloadable w/pxe boot (w/workaround)

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bnx2 firmware unloadable w/pxe boot (w/workaround)

Postby jcmdev0 » 23 Oct 2009, 01:50

My initial symptom was hitting the bnx2 module probe and a long hang, followed by a failure to detect any ethernet ports.

My workaround was to put the bnx2 firmware into initram.igz and then tweak /sbin/init to have

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Just before

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good_msg "Loading the disk and network drivers required to boot..."

because actual firmware loading needs hotplug, which depends on mdev, which depends on sysfs.

This is based on the 1.3.1 release.

My general pxeboot setup is to copy the cd contents into a sysrcd subdirectory of the tftpserver and invoke individual pieces like this:

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label netboot64
  kernel sysrcd/isolinux/rescue64
  append initrd=sysrcd/isolinux/initram-bnx2.igz netboot=tftp://@ip/pxelinux/sysrcd/sysrcd.dat console=tty0 udev

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Re: bnx2 firmware unloadable w/pxe boot (w/workaround)

Postby admin » 24 Oct 2009, 16:17

Thanks for having reported this issue.

In the next release, this driver will be compiled in the kernel-image with the firmware, it should fix that problem.

Documentation about that problem:

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