hwsetup BUG: soft lock up - CPU#

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hwsetup BUG: soft lock up - CPU#

Post by c64whiz » 03 Nov 2016, 02:43


Today I booted an HP zBook 15" G3 using SRCD 4.7.3 with no issues except the NIC was not recognized and even loading the e1000e driver failed to find the NIC. So I upgraded to the new SRCD 4.9.0 and things got worse.

While 4.9.0 did recognize the NIC, it seems with any 4.x kernel, SRCD fails to boot at hwsetup with the following:

Code: Select all

     * Starting hwsetup...
     [   22.231] NMI watchdog : BUG : soft lock up - CPU#0 stuck for 22s! [hwsetup:1861]

     { and then more similar lines every 22-23 seconds }
and the system hangs indefinitely. Upon several boot attempts, the CPU # changes and the seconds are 22 or 23. All versions of SRCD from 4.8.0 through 4.9.0 suffer the same fate.

I deduced it to the 4.x kernel since my SRCD 4.7.3 boots just fine (besides the failure to identify the NIC) with the standard 3.x kernel. BUT when I boot SRCD 4.7.3 using the alternative (4.x) kernel, the NIC is found (MAC address is displayed on boot), but I still get the hwsetup soft lock.

Help?! TIA.


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